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Healthy Lifestyle Myths Busted and the Truths Revealed

It is easy to fill your head with information on fitness, health, and anything else just by reading magazines and information on the net. Some things you learn are reliable and can be trusted while others are not. Some of them, however, are downright wrong and are based upon outdated and since disproved information. At this point, most adults and even teens with a clue know what the deal is; marketing and advertising is not always about telling you the truth about the products. Here are three myths that you need to know the truth about.

Should you give your kids a vitamin/mineral tab to augment what they eat each day? This may or may not be a myth, and you have to make your own decision about this. If you do give your kids a supplement, make very sure that it is not for adults and be sure you read the ingredients and label. A normal vitamin will in most cases not pose any mohca negative side effects, and you need to be sure there are no exotic herbs or anything in this supplement for your kid. You can actually go to authority medical websites and do your own research, and these are sites that contain professional content on them. Here is a good one, and it has to do with being out doors when your hair is wet and then getting sick. This is the one thing all kids hear from parents. Getting exposed to viruses that cause a cold is what produces the cold, not your hair wet or dry. Even science has weighed in on the matter with results indicating that this is indeed not true. The reason that people think wet hair helps you catch cold is that it makes your body feel colder temperature wise, not that it makes you feel sick.

There are plenty of sayings about if you should eat or just drink fluids when you are sick. Neither advice is correct, and the reason for this is they will not make your body get rid of what ever has infected you. The best course of action for your body is sleeping and resting, and then you have to give your self nourishment. Common colds and the like will not disappear overnight regardless of the circumstances.

If you want the most reliable info about health, then spend more time reading reliable information and avoid the crap sites. If you have a habit of believing all you read, then work to break it because one day it can really get you in some hot water. If you are in need of more information, then hop over to Bing, and use them because they are more reliable than other search engines. Once you continue learning, then in time you will be your own best source of information.

Post by mohca84 (2016-03-10 00:58)

Tags: health natural way

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